Thursday, December 4, 2014

Generation & selling electricity started!

Big news: On November 27, 2014 our solar power plant was connected to the grid and started generating and selling electricity. Finally.

Now the most important thing in the world is weather.

The weather on the grid-connection day ( or "system interconnection" day?) was perfect blue sky but that was followed by a string of cloudy and rainy days, so we are yet to experience full capacity operation. Waiting for the next blue sky.

On the picture below is Tepco employee in the midst of grid connection procedures. I have no idea what he was doing and he didn't look like he wanted to be asked. Hence, no caption to the picture.


The next picture is the power plant shortly after it was connected to the grid and started generating electricity at around noon. (Yes, it does look the same as before,  but well...)


And here's the same place on the next day, November 28. With this darkness the amount of electricity produced is almost zero. Photons, you're welcome back any time! Soon!


I'm sure once we get used to it we'll stop talking about weather all the time. It's just now, so be patient with us.