Monday, March 28, 2016

It's a girl! And two boys!

On March 23, Natchan the Goat gave birth to a girl and two boys!

Here's the new family four days later:

three baby goats and their mom
Natchan the Mom with her children. (2016/3/27)

4 days old baby goats are pretty much like toddlers rather than "babies." 

The one with red ribbon is the girl !

Mom goes out, we go out!

Pretending to be eating grass, like Mom does!
Natchan and her new family will stay in their home for a few more weeks. They plan to come back to our farm in mid-April. (Navigating three small, ultra playful baby goats to the farm along a road where cars may pass is not an easy task. It requires some logistics, and the goats must also grow a bit bigger and be able to walk faster and in a straight line. Right now they just totter in funny drunken ways and jump around without much control of where they fall or what they bump into.)

Mom mom mom more milk mom mom!

Okay, here you go.
These days the siblings mostly sleep, and when they don't sleep, they eat (Account by Mrs. Yagishita). Aah, I'm so envious of their busy schedule.