Monday, January 9, 2017

Our farm on Texas Instruments' Instagram!

Our farm had another little moment of fame: Our solar sharing farm was introduced on Nobuo's company's Instagram account.

Texas Instruments' Instagram

Below is the text next to the photo - our explanation of the farm and why we started it.

“The Fukushima nuclear meltdowns occurred in March 2011 – an involuntary turning point for Japan. Suddenly everyone got interested in renewables. Japan's energy policy changed, making it mandatory for electric power companies to buy electricity from renewable sources for fixed (and quite high) prices. My wife and I thought this was a good opportunity to start our own chicken farm and ‘solar sharing system’ – utilizing land for solar power generation and farming. We had no experience. We make a little extra money selling eggs from our chickens. The goats are for fun. Now there are hundreds of solar sharing farms around Japan. We believe solar sharing could be applied in other regions as well.”
---End of quote---

Texas Instruments is a U.S. based company but our farm is in Japan, which means we got attention from as far as another continent. (Last year, we had visitors from Thailand and other countries.) The more people know about solar sharing, the higher the chance that the right person will see it - the right person would be someone with a pioneering spirit, keen on starting a solar sharing project of their own, in their own country.  In any country other than Japan, this would still be something new and groundbreaking - as it was in Japan 5 years ago.

I hope someone will notice the opportunity soon!