Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oh no, baby goats again! :)

It's because of the International Women's Day. Baby goats in Natchan's belly were bored and thought:

"Oh, it's Women's Day today, our mum deserves a present. Let's give her ourselves so she has something to celebrate!"

And they started to politely present themselves right before lunch on March 8.

The first one out.
Hi mom!

The second one out.
Where's the food?

All three out!
Hello world!

Natchan's first reaction: Wow, I feel so much lighter now.

Triplets' first reaction: Ugh, it's cold here, we should have stayed inside for another month.

After a mild cold shock, triplets got used to it, and they also discovered a cozy windproof bedroom full of straw inside their Great Goat Shed, and they started drinking mom's milk, which is the best energy drink ever.
Now all three are busy strategically splitting their time between three Major Life Activities: eating, sleeping and exploring.

Here's the family one day later, March 9:

Two boys and a girl. 
Goat smile. 100% natural.

Now the goats very successfully keep us distracted from actual work. Not that I'd be complaining. Being distracted by a baby goat is not at all that unpleasant.