Saturday, February 20, 2016

Occupied by chickens

There was a temporary rearrangement of animal powers on our farm.

There used to be two independent states on the farm: the Goat Kingdom and the Chicken Republic. 
Chicken Republic was more populated and had larger area, but the Goat Kingdom was greener and had more natural resources.
The news is that now, temporarily, the Goat Kingdom, abandoned by its Queen, has become part of the Chicken Republic. 

What happened is that it was decided that Natchan the Goat will not be coming to graze at the farm for a while - maybe until March. The reason is that there's little grass anyway and Natchan with big belly wouldn't walk or graze much. Natchan is all right, having good time at her home, where she gets a grazing time out of the shed every morning and evening. She will be back at the farm after her babies are born.

In the meantime, Natchan gave permission to the chickens to take care of her kingdom. Chickens are working hard to fulfill their duty.

So these days, the whole farm is occupied by lovely chickens. Don't expect any cute mammal, please.
OH, there is one! Recently spotted near the farm.

Although this one won't let you rub her neck, like Natchan the Goat would. 
I'd rather wait for Natchan to come back, and enjoy the chicken takeover in the meantime.