Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goats are back!

Yesterday morning I came to the farm to find 31 chickens and four goats. Natchan is back!

Natchan and her triplets.
More of Natchan and her triplets.  
Natchan having breakfast, mildly obstructed by offspring.

Triplets soon discovered the beauty of high places.

We've just started climbing!
We're training hard...
This is a picture of some cool mountain goats.
... so that one day we can be like this!

After 5-minute long climbing session, the family withdrew into their summer house.

How many chickens and goats are on the picture?

Correct answer: Four chickens ...

... and four goats!

Jumping on mom's back is so much fun.

... Almost as fun as having a nap.

And finally, Natchan the Goat breastfeeding in public. Outrageous.

To be continued...