Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another uneventful day.

I just realized that I didn't post a single picture of our chickens (and half-our goats) this month, so here's a quick update.


Chickens are happy as usual. As the fowl proverb goes, No events are the best events, so today's uneventful morning was the best morning ever, just like yesterday's ...

Free range chickens out in the run. Solar sharing farm.
"I'm so thrilled! This morning is so uneventful!"
(May 31, 2016)

Free range chickens in Japan, Tsukuba. Solar sharing.
Morning thrill from another angle.
(May 31, 2016)

I think we need a reminder that these chickens actually work, and full time! Here is a papparazzi snapshot from a few weeks ago.

Free range eggs, Tsukuba, Japan. Solar sharing
"Just ended my shift, see ya tomorrow!"

And here's today's harvest!

Freshly laid free range eggs. Solar sharing farm in Tsukuba, Japan.
Hello, we're future sunnysideups and omelettes. (May 31, 2016)

That's it about work.

Our chickens rarely have direct interaction with goats, but when they do, it's very exciting. For the goats, especially.

Baby goats attacking a chicken coop.

Goats and chickens under solar panels.

A baby goat and a chicken inside a chicken coop.

Three baby goats having fun destroying a chicken coop.
And so the baby goats messed up everything and then went home
for a good night sleep.


Goats are, well, happy as usual!

Natchan on a sunny morning two days ago.

More Natchan on a sunny morning. 


And here are the triplets.

The triplets are now over two months old and have switched to grass diet, although they still crave for mum's milk, which the mum is rarely willing to give them.
Last time, of the three siblings only the girl had a name, Momo-chan. Now the two boys have names too! Aito-kun (the one with horns) and Akio-kun (without horns).

And finally, a fail-proof way how to become a goat's best friend.

(Hint: Repeat action in the video at least once a day. 
ALWAYS have the right leaves or grass.
After two weeks, goats will be emotionally bonded to you.)

***** The end of quick update *****