Friday, December 4, 2015

One year since the start: summary in pictures.

A week ago - on November 27, 2015  - exactly one year passed since our Power plant Oo started operation. A lot of things happened in the past 12 months. Here's summary in pictures.


November 2014
Interconnection day (November 27, 2014)

December 2014
Finally a shed for storing tools!

January 2015
How birds see us.

February 2015
How we see us.
Karube (right)

March 2015
Ume the Plum.

April 2015
Digging a well.
Building a coop DIY. Never again.
This is not a sugary Easter card, these are our chickens!

May 2015
Growing fast.
Building chickens' first real perch. Chickens playing around don't make it easier.

Still a lot of space...

June 2015
Chicken teenagers.

Natchan and Nobuo on a weeding mission.

July 2015
Afternoon siesta.
Power plant-turned-pond.
Pink bucket fetish.
Material for the new coop! (Not DIY anymore. We learned our lesson.)

August 2015
Extending water line to new coop.
New water line. This was hard job.
New coop, just before finishing.
No artistic aspirations.

September 2015
Installing chickens' new carpet.
Once upon a time, there used to be a lot of grass ...
First egg!
Do Not Disturb.

October 2015
Our hens' eggs in the local produce store.
Christine Columbus on her way back home.
Workplace chat.
Natchan the Goat, chickens, and some people.

November 2015
Flying chicken.
A chicken and a bicycle.
November 27, 2015. 

And finally, two most recent pictures from today's morning (December 4, 2015).

One step at a time, and in a year it's huge change. In the past twelve months, a *solar power plant* fully transformed itself into a farm with some happy chickens and a goat.
Let's see what new transformations are awaiting for us in the next twelve months.