Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chickens' life in pictures

Life of our chickens is full of daily routines and rituals. Here are some of them. All photos were taken in the past few days (Nov 11-15, 2015).

At night. 

Rooster No. 2 (back) has to wait outside until Rooster No. 1 (front)  lets him in. 
Ready for work!
Work starts with choosing the right office room.
Some rooms are more popular than others.

To work or not to work... 

Snapshot from the office.

My deep apologies for disturbing you, ladies!

Breakfast is over, let's play outside! 

A bit wet out there, uh! (It's been raining since yesterday.) (Nov. 15)

Today's muddy landscape. (Nov. 15)