Friday, August 28, 2015

1. Building a fence. 2. Goat's creative ways.

Here is a quick report about building a fence for chickens' (and goat's) new outdoor run.
It's a really simple fence.

Step 1: Drive wooden stakes into the ground.
Hammering stakes into the ground is a good substitute for a workout in the gym. It's also quite fun.

In addition to wooden stakes, we also took advantage of the original metal poles of the power plant to support the fence.
Nobuo, a hammer, and a stake.

Step 2: Attach wire mesh around the stakes. 
This takes some time because you have to attach the mesh to each stake at at least 3 points, one by one.
But we were lucky that one of our semi-god neighbours, Mrs. Yagishita, took the lead and essentially built the fence all by herself. Nobuo and I helpfully pretended to be contributing (but I think she noticed).

Yagishita-san doing the work and Nobuo being helpful.

Yagishita-san doing the work and I being helpful.

Thanks to our neighbor, steps 1 and 2 are now completed and we're working on step 3.

Step 3: Make a door. 
There must be an entrance for humans somewhere in the fence, and it preferably should be wide enough for a car to drive inside (there might be times when we need to transport something bulky). So the door should be very wide, openable and closable, and should not fall apart after the first use - a huge construction challenge for us.

Meanwhile, Natchan the Goat was grazing around and discovered The Flying CD.
The original purpose of The Flying CD was to scare birds off the nearby soybean plants.
As Natchan the Goat managed to eat most of the soybean plants, the CD was rendered useless. Fortunately, Natchan soon found it a new purpose.

This is what you should do with The Flying CD: