Monday, September 7, 2015

Real free range start (chickens and goats)


Our chickens have started a genuine free range life.

September 5, 2015: Day 1 of chickens' genuine free range life.

From about 6 am until it gets dark, chickens spend their time roaming in the grass and chasing bugs. When they get tired of grass and bugs, they sit on a perch and groom feathers, or take a nap. It's pleasure to watch them. In the evening, just before it gets dark, chickens return to the coop, jump up on the perch, have a routine fight over who's going to sleep where,  and fall asleep.

September 5, 2015: Chickens roaming around. 

Neighbors' goats have also started their own free grazing life about a week ago.
Up until last week, Natchan the Goat had to be tied to a pole with a string, and although the string was quite long, her range of movement was quite limited. It wasn't the best option from goat's perspective. So we set up a fence and made a goat-only pasture area. Now goats can graze freely and they clearly enjoy it.  (In Japan keeping animals - from goats to dogs - tied all day long is very frequent, so these goats are lucky to avoid that fate.)

Natchan (front) and Kaakun (back) grazing in their new goats-only pasture area.
Another news is that Kaakun (he-goat) who was on an assignment during August, is back!. Natchan (she-goat) was grazing alone during August while Kaakun was away, and she would often cry ("meeh-meeh") when left alone. Now that she has a friend with her, Natchan is so content and happy that she completely stopped crying. Natchan and Kaakun with their cute permanent smiles spend happy idle days eating and sleeping and playing. If you give them clover or mugwort (yomogi in Japanese) , they come and happily eat from your hand.

I would never believe that a power plant can be such a nice place.